The Core Chronicles

Artifacts in Abandoned Mines

D&D Session 1 9/20

Our party first became a party in the dungeons of the great fickle city of Timmet. After being caught up in a mild insurrection (and implicating the poor innocent Rameses), our heroes were shoved in a holding cell to await judgement from the high warden. The warden gave them a chance: if they could enter a set of abandoned mines and retrieve some unknown magic item, their sentences would be removed. The party reluctantly agreed to his terms and left Timmet the next day. They entered the mine and discovered its Dwarven origins. After wandering about the living quarters for some time, the adventurers happened across a store room filled with hungry Dire Rats. Thanks to the work of Grayson’s mighty staff (now called the Rat Stick) and a well timed double attack by Perry, the heroes prevailed and found a secret entrance in the back end of the store room. What else lies deep in the dark of these abandoned mines?



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